Zeroid is a brand of scientific solutions for healthy skin.

Zeroid products were developed based on continuous research on healthy skin. It is a medical skincare brand that pursues a healthy life.

Zeroid is sold in hospitals nationwide.

You can select the proper product for you after the condition of your skin has been diagnosed by a medical specialist.

1. Technology

Zeroid is a brand specializing in scientific solutions for the skin that are developed by merging Neopharm’s patented technologies.

  • MLE, Neopharm’s internationally patented technology, and Defensamide® are applied to help repair the skin barrier.

2. Confidence

Zeroid’s products are trusted and can be safely used as they have all completed clinical trial tests.

  • All products in the collections have completed hypoallergenic tests (testing agency: US AMA).
  • All products are reliable as they are free from harmful elements—fragrances, dyes, ethanol, parabens, mineral oil, phenoxyethanol, PG, PEG, benzyl alcohol, sulfate, and other skin-irritating ingredients

3. Diversity

Zeroid is a collection of skin solutions prescribed to take care of various skin concerns.

  • You can select the proper product for your skin concerns, such as sensitivity, dryness, oiliness, and troubled skin.


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