VODANA Glamwave Curling Iron, Voltage Free

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  • A specially designed barrel and ceramic heat plate that leaves minimal heat damage and creates beautiful hair curls.
  • Heats up within 30 seconds. Cool-tip to support better styling.
  • Separate the barrel and the handle so that the handle does not get hot for your safety.
  • A designed space between barrel and clamp allows snag-free styling.
  • 360-degree swivel cord for easy handling.
  • A free voltage product that can be used at any voltage.
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VODANA Glamwave Curling Iron, Voltage Free

Complete your own home salon with Vodana curling iron.

VODANA  is the brand that won the Grand Prize in the Hairstyle category in Korea’s First Brand AWARD 2021! VODANA Glamwave Curling Iron is also a world-famous product.

new curling iron

Create the Goddess Wave you’ve only heard of with ease at home.

Vodana’s signature glam wave Curling iron has a safe design for users, so anyone can easily create a classy wave.


Glamwave Curling Iron has been proven in quality and design by winning 4 awards in beauty category.

  • Won the first prize at Korea Cunsumer Awards 2020.
  • Won the first prize at First Brand Award 2021.
  • Won the first prize at Glowpick Awards 2021.
  • Won the first prize at Cosmo Beauty Awards 2021.


Main Features

Has 9 different features than other curling irons.

  • Safe detachable design: The heat plate and handle are separated to prevent heat conduction of the handle.
  • Specially designed barrel: Using a specially designed barrel, there is no uncomfortable feeling such as hair being pulled out or pressed ​when styling it.
  • Applying for a special ceramic-coated heat plate: Minimise hair damage with a special ceramic-coated heat plate, and create shiny hair by organizing cuticles.
  • Minimize fingertip conductivity: Has multiple holes in the handle to minimize the conductivity of the grip temperature. 
  • Silicone Stand for your safety: Has a safe silicone stand that can withstand high temperatures of 250 degrees, so you can use it safely and conveniently.
  • Touch Tip for easy and various hair styling: A tip made to help you style your hair. It is a tip that you can use with a few touches when styling your hair, not for holding and using it as a handle.
  • Quickly reaches the temperature you can use.: Quickly reaches the temperature you set within 30 seconds.
  • Automatically shuts off: Automatically shuts off the power to prevent overheating 1 hour after the power is on.
  • 360-degree swivel cord: Made with a 360-degree rotatable cord so that the wires are not twisted, you can use it conveniently. 


Safe detachable design

new curling iron

Specially designed barrel & Applying for a special ceramic-coated heat plate.

How is Vodana’s special ceramic-coated hot plate iron different?

  • Environmental and toxic substances.
  • No harmful gas emission.
  • Energy-saving with strong radiant heat.
  • Far-infrared rays are beneficial to the human body.


Minimize fingertip conductivity

new curling iron

Silicone Stand for your safety

new curling iron

Touch Tip for easy and various hair styling & Quickly reaches the temperature

new curling iron

Adjustable Temperature: Heats up to 200f℃(392℉) for all hair types and textures in an analog way.

Temperature when using this for damaged hair

If you use it for damaged hair due to dyeing or perm, we recommend that you use it at a temperature below 160℃(338℉.)


Automatically shuts off

new curling iron

360-degree swivel cord


Color Types of Glamwwave Curling Iron

Comparison of curls by heat plate size.

new curling iron

Tips for choosing the size.

  • 32mm(1.60inch): Suitable size for creating long-lasting, elastic curls.
  • 36mm(1.40inch): Suitable size to create a coveted curl like a goddess in mythology.
  • 40mm((1.25inch): Suitable size to create round and charming natural curls.

Your own beauty tool that is durable and long-lasting, so that users can use it safely for a long time.


 Hair damage test result

The results of comparing the test on hair damage when using two types of curling irons 1000 times were as follows.

new curling iron

The results of comparing the test on hair damage when using two types of curling irons 3000 times were as follows.

As a result of the test, the Vodana curling iron to which a special ceramic hot plate was applied showed relatively less damage to hair such as hair ripping off and cuticle crack compared to the general curling iron to which a special ceramic hot plate was not applied.


Recommended for:

  • Those who want to easily create waves with an iron.
  • Those who want to create natural goddess wave curls.
  • Those who want to change their style and change their mood.

Additional Information

Weight1.2 kg

Appliances Type

Power Consumption

50 W

Rated Voltage

Free Voltage


32mm(1.25"), 36mm(1.4"), 40mm(1.6")


Vodana Black, Vodana Creamy Blue, Vodana Ivory Mood, Vodana Lusty Lemon, Vodana Pink, Vodana Violet, Vodana White

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