The more application of CNP Cosmetics, the healthier the skin becomes

It started with manufacturing and selling functional cosmetics that helps the skin healthy at home after visiting a dermatologist on the back of know-how offered by CNP experts. As those who suffered serious skin troubles experienced drastic improvement, the products began to go viral. They are currently being adored as functional products that help upgrade the quality of the skin in addition to treatment of the problematic skin.
Our mission is to help the skin that is gradually losing viability due to external factors gain health, and the products are genuine skin-health cosmetics developed by hard-working skin experts in CNP R&D Center.

Study the Skin

CNP is a derma brand that has been studying only skin for a long time. We produce products with the accumulated know-how of skin experts so that you can maintain and care healthy skin at home.

Study the efficacy

The formulation developed at CNP’s R&D Center, which consists of leading skin experts, helps improve skin problems such as dry, sensitive, pores, and elasticity and manages the skin’s foundation healthily.

Study the Health

CNP will add vitality to modern people’s skin, which is gradually losing energy due to skin stress such as external stimulation, and create the power to keep it healthy.

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