MISSHA is one of South Korea's leading creators of high quality and affordable K-beauty products. Inspired by you - we strive to empower the modern-day beauty lover by spreading the knowledge of K-beauty treads through innovative, effective, and affordable cosmetics products.


Beauty that begins with the customer

MISSHA is loved by customers for creating effective and functional products based on their wants and needs - offering suitable solutions that reflect the opinions and concerns of its customers. There are over 10 million* MISSHA customers who have become our very own beauty consultants around the world.
*This is based on the cumulative number of customers as of May 2020.


Simple beauty solutions focused on functions and effects
MISSHA creates formulas and solutions based on current trends in the ever-growing market for Korean beauty products - with a strong focus on delivering the effects and results that customers most desire. By curating and sourcing high quality ingredients, our beauty solutions deliver the desired effects you are looking for until the very last drop.


Global beauty brand that has flourished with 10 million customers
Since its launch in 2000, Time Revolution has been selected by over 10 million customers. More than 100 million units of BB Cream have been sold worldwide. These remarkable feats reflect our mission to satisfy the beauty standards of our customers around the world. MISSHA has now grown into a global K-beauty brand that centers around the voices of our customers.


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