ATTIBE Planic (Plasma + Galvanic) Replication

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  • Plasma and galvanic features in one device.
  • Improves the absorption effect of cosmetics.
  • Improving Skin elasticity and lifting.
  • Calming the troubled skin.
  • Ergonomic design in one’s hands Curved Design.
  • Power Adjustable depending on your skin condition. 
  • USB charger, Easy to carry (just 178g)
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ATTIBE Planic (Plasma + Galvanic) Replication

Plasma skin tightening at home, you can do it with the PLANIC now.

Plasma + Galvanic = PLANIC

plasma skin tightening

Wake up the skin with a fourth substance plasma!

What is PLASMA?

Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter and can be artificially generated by heating or subjecting a neutral gas to a strong electromagnetic field to the point where an ionized substance

It helps to penetrate the cosmetics active ingredients to the deep skin by membrane potential effect which is stimulating skin and making an invisible gap between skin cells to pass through generated plasma ion into the skin at a size smaller than the skin pores(20~50 nm)

plasma skin tightening

Plasma + Galvanic

The plasma ions transfer invisible energy of 20 to 50nm to the skin and the effective ingredients of the cosmetics penetrate into the transient fine crack.
It stimulates skin movement with the vibration of the galvanic and improves the absorption effect of cosmetics.

plasma skin tightening

PLANIC stimulates movement with skin vibration to improve the absorption effect of cosmetics.


Main Features

  • Plasma and galvanic features in one device.
  • An increasing absorption rate of cosmetics: The cosmetic absorption rate is improved by the skin interaction.
  • Calming the troubled skin: It relieves skin irritation and calms down skin troubles.
  • Elasticity improvement: It is effective in improving skin elasticity and lifting.
  • Ergonomic and elegant design in one’s hands.
  • Power Adjustable depending on your skin condition.
  • USB charger, Easy to carry (just 178g)


Plasma skin tightening, the active ingredient of cosmetics penetrates through the minute gap created by the plasma energy.


Features of the device

Sharp head

The narrow irradiation part enables precise procedures such as the curved part between the eyes and the nose

Skin Test

Clinically Proven Planic + Plasma Tripeptide Booster Effect

  • Test institute: Korea Dermatological Research Institute
  • Test period: June, 2019
  • Test subjects: 20 subjects


Post-clinical Improvement Rate

  • Around eyes area improvement



  • skin tone brightness improvement


  • Moisturizing the skin and relieve itching caused by drying


Safety verification

Strictly proven safety with KC, CE, and RoHS certification



How to use

  1. Clean the wanted area and Wipe it, please.
  2. Turn on the product and galvanic drain mode (ION) LED Turquoise Illuminated) is selected. Use it on your face.
  3. Wipe the waste from the face and the device, please.
  4. Wipe it off and dry it. Plasma mode (white light) Use it on your face.
  5. Cosmetics application: Let Cosmetics be absorbed. Put it on your face.
  6. Using Galvanic Absorption Mode: Apply cosmetics to face and absorb galvanic In mode (ion LED purple illumination) Let it absorb.


PLANIC is a very well-known beauty plasma device in Korea.

plasma skin tightening

Product power recognized by experts and consumers


  • 2017 Digital Innovation Awards
  • 2019 Money Today Hit Product Grand Prize
  • No.1 brand in 2019 reliability satisfaction level
  • 2020 Grand Prize in Korea’s Best Brand Value & Innovation Companies
  • No. 1 brand in trust satisfaction between 2019 and 2021 (Winning for 3 consecutive years)


Product Specification

Additional Information

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Effects of Using

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Rated Voltage


Rechargeable Battery

Lithium Polymer Battery

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