AROMATICA Vitalizing Rosemary Concentrated Essence 100ml

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  • Rosemary concentrated essence, made with a single ingredient
  • An entirely new level of Antioxidant care meets our Rosemary concentrated essence which is filled with antioxidants. 
  • Provides vitality and moisture starting at the skin base.
  • Focusing on only a single ingredient ensures the deliverance of rosemary’s natural antioxidant properties.
  • Boasts minimal skin irritation while making the skin both firm and radiant.
  • Can experience the active ingredient of rosemary to the fullest.
  • Vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly packaging
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AROMATICA Vitalizing Rosemary Concentrated Essence 100ml

AROMATICA’s own Low-temperature Aging Extraction Method™ Carefully handpicked rosemary leaves were brewed through the Low-temperature Aging Extraction Method™ for 48 hours with natural solvents of water and glycerin. Therefore, the active ingredients of rosemary essence can be experienced to the fullest.

Vitalizing Rosemary Essence raises your skin defense

rosemary essence


Extraction method

Solvent Extraction: A method of extraction designed to efficiently extract beneficial active ingredients from exquisite and delicate original materials. The high-quality essential oil extracted from the safest moisturizer and skin conditioner such as glycerin preserves the natural fragrance of the original materials with recycled energy usage.


Can use Vitalizing Rosemary Essence for high-purity antioxidant care for your skin.


Main Features

  • A complete moisturizing layer that is as light as water and as moist as a cream: A moisturizing film is created from the bottom-most layers of the skin to the top. Three light yet moist layers of complete moisturizing care.
  • An Entirely New Level of Antioxidant Care meets our Rosemary Concentrated Essence:  which is filled with antioxidants. It provides vitality and moisture starting at the skin base. Focusing on Only a Single Ingredient! No unnecessary ingredients are added to ensure the deliverance of rosemary’s natural antioxidant properties. It boasts minimal skin irritation while making the skin both firm and radiant. *Limited to characteristics of raw materials.


Vitalizing Rosemary Essence provides vitality and moisture starting at the skin base.


Main Ingredients

Rosemary essence intensively contains rosemary leaf extract

Rosemary leaf extract


rosemary essence

How to use

  1. After cleansing the face in the morning and evening, gently pat onto the face using your palms to encourage absorption.
  2. TIP# Reapply a few times or soak cotton pads and use them as face sheet masks if desired.


rosemary essence


83.9% or more of natural origin ingredients
Rosemary leaf extract (73.9%) (solvent extract), dipropylene glycol (moisturizer), glycerin (plant-derived moisturizer), 1,2-hexanediol (flexible), ethylhexylglycerin (flexible)



Korea has created a new category called ‘Skincare’ in the global cosmetics industry which has developed around color cosmetics.

Korean cosmetic companies have developed and sold various types of cosmetics for skincare. In the Arab region, the serum is the most widely known, but in Korea, not only serum but also similar products such as essence and ampoule have been developed and sales are expanding.

Serum, essence, and ampoule are all highly concentrated products intensively containing 1 or 2 essential ingredients.

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