GPSKIN Barrier, Skin Barrier & Hydration Measuring Device

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  • The world’s first skin barrier measuring device.
  • Analyzes skin condition and makes you know whether your skin is healthy or not.
  • Measures the amount of transdermal moisture loss and skin moisture level.
  • Helps you Know and take care of invisible skin health conditions in advance.
  • Informs you of skin care tips that you didn’t know about before.
  • Each function shows equivalent performance to that of equipment used by laboratories.
  • Can be used at a low price even if two pieces of equipment are combined.
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GPSKIN Barrier, Skin Barrier & Hydration Measuring Device

Skin Barrier Measurement for your skin, you might think that you can only get this measurement if you go to a skin clinic.

With the Gpskin Barrier, a skin barrier measuring device, know exactly what your skin is trying to tell you at home. With sensors that gauge your TEWL and Moisture levels, get an accurate reading of the health of your skin.

The Gpskin Barrier is the first skin barrier scanner that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. Medical grade technology is finally affordable.

skin barrier measurement

Skin Barrier Measurement, you can make it convenient at home from now on anyone anytime anywhere.


Why is the skin barrier important?

skin barrier measurement

If the skin barrier is unhealthy, no matter how good your skin care products you apply, it can cause trouble to your skin, and external bad substances can penetrate into your skin and cause skin diseases.

skin barrier measurement

Gpskin Barrier is the world’s first skin barrier measuring device.


How It Works:

The Barrier simultaneously scans the Trans-Epidermic Water Loss (TEWL) and Stratum Corneum Hydration (SCH) levels of your skin. The TEWL sensor measures how much water your skin loses, an important factor in skin health. The SCH sensor measures how much moisture your skin is holding. In a matter of seconds, the reading is sent over bluetooth to your phone via the barrier App.

  • The barrier determines how well your skin holds moisture. A strong barrier keeps moisture in your skin well. A weak barrier doesn’t hold moisture well which leads to your skin losing its ability to absorb any moisture.
  • The amount of moisture your skin holds is a key factor in your overall skin health. The more moisture your skin contains, the healthier your skin is. Low moisture levels means your skin is dry. Without sufficient moisture, your skin can be vulnerable to a weakened skin barrier.
  • Using the latest Bluetooth technology, our device connects to your smartphone for your convenience. The Barrier wirelessly sends your skin results directly to your phone to be viewed. Manage your skin from wherever you are.
  • For everybody part you can, we deliver a detailed analysis of the skin and offer solutions based on your results. Because your skin health varies throughout your body, it’s important to know how to manage each body part for optimum skincare.


How to use Gpskin Barrier:

  1. Install “gpskin” application from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. (Just one time)
  2. Run this app and register as a member. (Just one time)
  3. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and connect it to the gpskin body.
  4. Select the area you want to measure and wash them clean with soap.
  5. Dry the areas washed with a towel and wait 30 minutes without applying anything.
  6. Select the measurement parts in the gpskin application.
  7. When the selected area appears one by one on the Gpskin application, you measure by placing Gpskin’s head in close contact with the area.
  8. After you complete the measurement, press the power button on its body for 2 seconds to turn off the power.



① Gpskin Body, ② Battery Cover, ③ Battery, ④ Battery Removal Tool, ⑤ Superfine Fiber



  • Compatibility: iOS & Android
  • Sensors: TEWL Sensor, Moisture Sensor
  • Connection: Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)
  • Battery: CR2032
  • Weight: 40g
  • Dimensions: 32 x 32 x 160mm

Additional Information

Weight0.3 kg

Rechargeable Battery

Lithium Polymer Battery

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