WITHBEAUTY Skin Curling, Galvanic Ion Massager

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  • A home skincare device that can obtain whitening, wrinkle and elasticity improvement effect through the quadruple programs.
  • Heating program: 42 C warmth which erases the memory of aging through wrinkle improvement.
  • Electro therapy program: Micro current to enhance whitening, anti-aging and lifting effects.
  • Vibration program: Power motion which pats skin 6000 times per minute.
  • 3 Colors therapy program: Three types of color LEDs available to be suitable for skin conditions.
  • Obtained CE certification.
  • Has a dazzling waving head that contacts closely to all curves of face and body, and has Rhodium plating that can be used safely to all skin types.
  • Has triple temperature control for safe use.
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WITHBEAUTY Skin Curling, Galvanic Ion Beauty Massager

Are you having a bad makeup in these days? Then your skin needs intensive skincare. The best way to make your stressed skin bright and healthy is to use Skin Curling. Use its mode that suits your skin type and take care of it intensively.
As described in the product name, “Skin Curling” is a home beauty massager that reduces skin friction and allows active ingredients of skincare cosmetics to penetrate deep into the skin, like curling stones on ice. Its quadruple programs of the skin curling changes the depth of skin care. It helps to make the skin healthy and elastic from face to body.

Beauty Massager

Main Features:

  • A home galvanic ion beauty massager that creates smooth and glow skin.
  • Has quadruple programs for skin reinforcement: Heating,  Electro Therapy, Vibration and 3 Color Therapy
  • Applied Triple temperature control system for user safety.
  • CE certified device.

Beauty Massager

  • Heating: 42℃ warm heat to help improve skin.
  • Electro Therapy: Microcurrent that helps the active ingredients of skincare products penetrate into the skin.
  • Vibration: Powerful motion that taps the skin 6000 times per minute.
  • 3 Color Therapy: Using 3 types of light, can do therapy suitable for the skin condition.


Quadruple programs for skin reinforcement

Heating Program: 42℃ warm heat helps to promote the production of HSP(Heat Shock Protein).
Beauty Massager

※ HSP is a Heat Shock Protein that is produced when the skin is warmly massaged and helps a lot in skin improvement.


Electro Care: Microcurrent for effective skin care.

A method of penetrating the active ingredients of skincare products deep into the skin through electricity with a micro-current that is helpful for effective skin care. In addition to the existing ion introduction method that allows the active ingredients of skin care products to reach deep into the skin, Skin Curling helps skin care by creating an excellent waveform that stimulates the microscopic muscles under the skin.

Beauty Massager

The waveform for each mode of Skin Culling is the same as the image above.


Vibration: The power motion that taps the skin 6000 times per minute

The power motion stimulates the capillaries and muscle layers of the skin, helps in massaging the skin, and allows the active ingredients of skincare products that are not absorbed well when applied by hand to reach deep into the skin.

Beauty Massager

3 Colors Therapy: 3 types of color LEDs to choose from depending on your skin condition.

Skin curling’s three color LEDs, which can be selected and used according to your skin condition, glide over the skin of your face like a curling stone and closely irradiate the light to maximize the skincare effect by taking care of the major problem areas of your skin.

Beauty Massager

Beauty Massager

The three types of light that promote cell activity have different effects and different degrees of absorption of active ingredients of skin care products into the skin according to their wavelengths.


Triple Waving Head and Titanium plating

  • Triple Waving Head: A triple waving head that gently massages the muscles and blood vessels is applied to the Skin Curling, the “Lock-Up” function that locks up the cream you applied on your face to the curved part in its head so you can use it for a long time even if you use it for a long time, the cream will not be pushed out of the skin.
  • Titanium plating and applying Tritan materials: Skin Curling is manufactured using Tritan material that does not generate environmental hormones as well as Titanium plating that can be used with confidence for any skin type as it does not cause metal allergy.

Has triple temperature control for safe use

  • Thermostat: 42 C temperature maintanance through resistance and temperature error control.
  • Bimetal: Automatic power off when internal temperature rises.
  • Automatic control circuit: Automatic stop of product operation when there is no mode change after standby mode.

How to use:

  1. For galvanic effect, contact the finger closely to the ion terminal on the top to use.
  2. Press the button until a beep sounds to turn on the power. Select the desired mode every time you press the button, the lamp color changes in the order of White → Green → Red → Red & Blue.
  3. Put the Skin Curling close to your skin and massage the skin as if it were gliding over.
  4. If you want to stop the massage operation, press the button for a long time to turn off the power.
  5. Remove remaining skincare product’s residue thoroughly on the head and wear a protective cap to store.
  6. Tip: When you use this after you put the mask sheet on your face, it can further increase the absorption rate of its active ingredients.

How to use by mode:

  • Heating(Warm Heat+White Color LED): When you press the mode change switch once, the white light turns on with a beep sound, then massage the skin evenly with heated Skin Curling.
  • Brightening(Galvanic+Vibration+Green Color LED): When you press the mode change switch twice, the green light turns on, then massage the area where the whitening cream is applied evenly in a circular motion.
  • Anti-aging(Warm Heat+Microcurrent+Vibration+ Red Color LED): When you press the mode change switch 3 times, the red light turns on, then evenly massage the area where the wrinkle improvement cream is applied, such as the forehead or the skin around the eyes.
  • Lifting(Microcurrent+Vibration+ Red & Blue Color LED): When you press the mode change switch 4 times, the red and blue lights alternately turn on and off, then evenly massage the area such as the jaw line or cheekbones where the elasticity cream is applied.

Name of parts and components:

  • Name of parts:

  • Name of components:


Beauty Massager

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