VANAV Time Machine Golden Brush, Galvanic Ion Scalp Massager

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  • Scalp galvanic ion massager help absorb scalp care products deep into the skin.
  • Great synergy effect use it with Vanav golden time ampoule.
  • Human-friendly titanium head material.
  • Vanav’s best-seller massager makes your scalp reborn again.
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VANAV Time Machine Golden Brush, Galvanic Ion Scalp Massager

VANAV presents to you a revolutionary hair device & new method for scalp care. This galvanic Ion scalp massager helps to penetrate the scalp care product deep into the skin and make your scalp healthy with triple care Galvanic ion massage, Titanium brush head & Micro vibrations, massage your scalp and hair for a healthy and clean scalp.

The scalp massager enhances hair care products absorption to get the max benefits

scalp massager

Do you feel that scalp care products are not enough?

Tried a lot of things but still have a dry, weak scalp, and excessive dead skin. Don’t change your products just add a Time Machine Golden Brush with its “Galvanic Microcurrent” that uses positive and negative ions which lets scalp care products be effectively absorbed and helps to make your scalp healthy.

Main Features

  • Galvanic ion scalp massager for scalp care.
  • Makes the scalp healthy by improving the volume of the hair roots, dead skin cells, and scalp moisture.
  • Its galvanic micro-current and micro-vibration help to keep the scalp healthy.
  • Can get a better effect by using this with Goldentime Scalp Ampoule.


Galvanic Ion Microcurrent and Micro Vibration

Galvanic Ion microcurrent uses positive and negative ions to help scalp care products to be effectively absorbed into the scalp, and its micro vibration gently stimulates the scalp through 10,000 micro vibrations per minute, helping to make the scalp healthy and energetic.

Color Therapy

Yellow color LED which improves skin activation through skin regeneration and blood circulation can maximize the effect of the scalp care products and help to make your scalp healthy and clean.

Titanium Brush Head

Massage your scalp more comfortably by applying a human-friendly titanium material and a brush-type head suitable for scalp care.

Golden Brush’s Colors

Skin Tests

Vanav scalp ampoule has been through 3 different tests Scalp moisturizing, Scalp dead skin cells, and Root volume improvement of Time Machine Golden Brush with Goldentime Scalp Ampoule.

  • Test institute: P&K Skin Clinical Research Center
  • Test Period: Jun. 4, 2020 to Jul. 3, 2020
  • Test Subjects: 23 adults

1. Root volume improvement test

As a result of the test, just using the ampoule once helped to temporarily improve the root volume of the hair.

Hair loss treatment

2. Scalp keratin and moisture improvement test.

As a result of the test, using the Golden Brush and the Goldentime Scalp Ampoule together was more helpful in improving the scalp keratin and moisture than using the ampoule alone.

Hair loss treatment

Hair loss treatment

Parts of Golden Brush

How to use

  1. Clean your scalp and hair before use.
  2. Apply the ampoule meticulously to your clean scalp while parting your hair.
  3. Turn on the Time Machine Golden Brush and gently massage your scalp for better absorption.
  4. Dry your scalp naturally to absorb the product.
  5. TIP1: We recommend that you use this ampoule twice or three times a week in the evening when hair root activity is active.

Recommended for

  • Those who suffering from hair loss.
  • Those with thin hair and no strength.
  • Those with itchy scalp.
  • Those with dry scalps and falling dandruff or dead skin cells.
  • Those with easily red and sensitive scalp.

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