AROMATICA Comforting Calendula Decoction Cleansing Mousse 170ml

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  • Slightly acidic cleansing mousse with rich foam.
  • No.1 for female hygiene products at the Korea’s best beauty application awards!
  • Taking care gently of your sensitive area 
  • A hypoallergenic and slightly acidic female foam cleanser.
  • A fragrance-free cleanser is safe on your delicate skin.
  • Formulated with USDA certified organic aloe vera gel that calms skin down, and leaving it moisturized, and soft.
  • Vegan formula, Alcohol-free,  cruelty-free 
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AROMATICA Comforting Calendula Decoction Cleansing Mousse 170ml

Low pH cleanser for you, Aromatica presents to you the perfect feminine wash “Comforting calendula decoction cleansing mousse“. Y Zone is the most important place in a woman’s body, so it needs to be kept clean and weakly acidic, and delicate management without irritation is required. Use a women’s cleanser specialized for Y-zone care, not a typical soap or body wash. Make sure to take care of the Y-zone safely with a safe prescription for harmful ingredients.  It’s a low pH cleanser fragrance-free cleanser safe for the family to use.!

Low pH cleanser


Calendula, also called Pot marigold or Calendula officinalis, has lots of soothing ingredients such as Flavonoid, Saponins, Carotenoid, and more to comfort sensitive, rough skin. The foaming cleanser that reduces skin friction caused by scented cleansing mildly cleanses skin exhausted from external irritation. Delivers all-in-one moisture and soothing from organic Aloe. Formulated with USDA certified organic aloe vera gel, calms your skin, leaving skin moisturized, and soft.


Extraction method

DECOCTION: A method of extraction by boiling herbs or medicinal plants in water over low heat for a long time to extract active ingredients. It is a physical method that has a long history and extracts active ingredients effectively from natural materials.   


An Alcohol-free Low pH cleanser that maintains skin protection and soft texture


Low pH cleanser 

Low pH cleanser cleansing mousse with rich foam


Main Ingredients

Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract and  Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract,

Comforting calendula cleansing mousse is ranked as  No.1 for female hygiene products at the Hwahae Awards!


Low pH cleanser


Dermatological Test 

  • Test Institute: Korean Institute of Dermatological Sciences 
  • Test Period: Jan. 30-Feb. 20, 2020
  • Test Subject: Sample of 32 subjects
  • Test Results: No irritation was observed after 30 minutes and 24 hours after removing the patch of Comforting Calendula Decoction Cleansing Mousse



A liquid type that can make rich foam.


How to use

  1. Pump 2 to 3 times to produce the foam.
  2. Apply it on your palm and lightly rub it as if massaging your face.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Get the perfect sensitive area care with the best low pH cleanser from Aromatica



  • Please use the product upright on its side.
  • This product may cause a malfunction if water gets into the gap of the pump.
  • After using the pump so that it will not get wet, close the cap tightly and store it.



Organic ingredients 11.4%, Natural ingredients 98.8%

Western dandelion root stem/root extract, phosphorus vine flower extract (golden flower extract), aloe vera leaf extract (16,311mg), purified water, glycerin (plant-derived moisturizer), coco betaine, sodium sweet almond amphoacetate (almond-derived detergent), sodium chloride, propane-derived plant (phenate), propane-derived plant)

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