Medytox Neuraderm Skin Booster 3vials * 3ml

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  • Developed by Medytox, which achieved the No. 1 market share of botulinum toxin in Korea.
  • Made from a combination of N.Biome-BT, a key ingredient of Medytox, and 56 ingredients.
  • A skin booster that will open up new dimension in terms of ingredient, safety, and efficacy.
  • Contains 3ml * 3 vials so that you can treat it 3 times at 2 week intervals.
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Medytox Neuraderm Skin Booster 3vials * 3ml

Skin booster is a relatively recently established name of product family and has been previously called skin injection, MTS, and mezzotherapy. It refers to a treatment method that regenerates the skin and improves various problems of the skin by injecting nutrients and medication necessary for the skin into the skin using MTS or syringes.
It is a very innovative skin treatment method that goes beyond these limits at once because the amount of skin absorption is minimal no matter how good cosmetics are applied.

Neuraderm is a brand name derived from “New”, which means new, and “Derm”, which means skin, and it means skin that is getting new day by day.

Neuraderm skin booster that delivers M-BIOME’s amazing vitality deep into your skin!

Skin Booster

3 Key features

1. New dimension of Ingredient: The class of ingredients is different.

Check out the main key ingredients of Neuraderm.

Skin Booster

Combination of Medytox’s core ingredients, M.Biome-BT, and 56 ingredients.
M.Biome-BT and New Multifunctional components.
M.Biome is a cosmetic raw material brand researched and developed through Medytox’s R&D technology. M.Biome-BT is a raw material made from a combination of peptides that are derived from the snare complex and have been recognized for their skin delivery power, and are listed in the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary(ICID).

[INCI name of M.Biome-BT: Acetyl sh-Oligopeptide-26 sh-Oligopeptide-27 SP] ※ INCI: International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients


2. New dimension of Safety: The class of safety is different.

As a result of evaluating the primary skin irritation caused by the skin patch of Neuraderm Skin Booster (Neuraderm M.BT-NMPs), there was no adverse reaction and it was found to belong to the hypoallergenic product group.

Neuraderm’s unique manufacturing method: MSM Technology

(Mix & Sterilization of Multifunctional solution Technology)

Skin Booster Skin Booster

* Test institution: Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences / Test subjects: 33 adult men and women / Test period: Feb 28, 2020 ~ April 17, 2020 / Test product: Neuraderm M.BT-NMPs.


3. New dimension of Efficacy: The class of efficacy is different.

As a result of evaluating the efficacy of Neuraderm M.BT_NMPs in human application tests, it showed excellent improvement in skin moisture, skin radiance, skin density, skin elasticity, and skin texture improvement.

  • Skin moisture improvement

Skin Booster

As a result of analyzing the degree of improvement in skin moisture in the cheek area, there was an increase of 46.59% after 2 weeks of use of Neuraderm and 59.56% after 4 weeks of use (p<0.001).

  • Skin density improvement

As a result of analyzing the degree of skin density improvement in the eye area, it increased by 4.61% after 2 weeks of use of Neuraderm and 8.80% after 4 weeks of use (p<0.001)

  • Skin texture improvement

As a result of analyzing the degree of skin texture improvement in the area around the eyes, the roughness of the skin decreased by 5.45% after 2 weeks of use of Neuraderm and 7.78% after 4 weeks of use (p<0.001)

  • Survey results for subjects

The percentage of subjects who answered ‘yes’ or ‘very yes’ among the 5 questions.

* Test institution: Korea Institute of Dermatology / Test subjects: 22 women / Test period: Feb 25, 2020 ~ April 17, 2020 / Test products: Neuraderm M.BT-NMPs, MTS roller.


Treatment method

  • It is recommended to treat 3 times at 2 week intervals because it takes time for the skin to recover.
  • MTS roller with a needle length of 0.25 mm to 0.5 mm does not cause much pain even if the treatment is treated without anesthetic cream on the face, but if you use a roller with a needle length of 0.75mm or more, it may be painful, so you need to apply an anesthetic cream before the treatment.


How to use

  1. Wash your face clean.
  2. For your skin safety, soak the MTS roller in disinfectant ethanol for a while.
  3. Remove an aluminum cap and rubber cap of the skin booster.
  4. Put a conical cap on a vial.
  5. Roll the MTS roller while spreading an adequate amount of the skin booster evenly on your face.
  6. After treatment, calm your irritated skin with a facial mask sheet or Neuraderm Cream MD.
  7. For a few days after the treatment, moisturizers and sunscreen must be applied to the treatment area.



M.Biome-BT, 21 Amino acid, Glutathione, 10 Mineral, Adenosine, 9 Vitamin, Hyaluronic acid (HA) and 3 Nucleic acid.

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