VODANA SoftBar Flat Iron, Voltage Free

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  • Can create the hairstyle you want even if you brush your hair once since there is a special silicone bar in the center of its hot plate.
  • A flat iron with 6 advantages differentiated from other flat irons.
  • A specially designed ceramic heat plate that leaves minimal hair damage and makes hair shiny by arranging cuticles.
  • Voltage Free: Worldwide use with a universal adapter.
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VODANA SoftBar Flat Iron 1 inch(2.54cm), Voltage Free

Are you looking for a flat iron that can create the hairstyle you want with just one touch? Vodana introduces you to the popular flat iron in the global market that is equipped with a patented soft bar that minimizes hair damage and allows you to style your hair softly.

VODANA is the brand that won the Grand Prize in the Hairstyle category in Korea’s First Brand AWARD 2021! 

flat iron

What is a SoftBar?

SoftBar refers to a vertical bar in the center of the heat plate, as you can see in the image below. When this expands due to the heat of the heat plate, it buffers when you style to prevent your hair from getting marked or pulled out while you’re styling.


flat iron

Why do we have to use SoftBar Flat Iron?

  • We usually run the flat iron two or three times on hair to get the look we want.
  • This causes more hair damage.
  • Vodana planted a silicon bar inside the heat plate so that you can achieve your hair goal with just one touch.

flat iron

Main Features:

Has 6 different features than other flat irons.

  1. Ceramic heat plate: Minimizes hair damage and makes hair shiny by arranging cuticles.
  2. Reaches set temperature quickly: Reach set temperature quickly within 20 seconds.
  3. Floating Plates: Heat plates move side to side, providing more comfortable use and preventing hair from being pulled out or marked by heat.
  4. Adjustable temperature with Analog System: Analog temperature adjustment minimizes failure rates and prevents buttons from being pressed incorrectly.
  5. Automatic power-off system: 1 hour after turning on the power, the power is automatically cut off to prevent overheating.
  6. 360° Swivel Cord: Made with a 360° Swivel Cord and can be used conveniently because the wires are not twisted.

flat iron

5-step adjustable temperature

Analogized mode allows different temperature control depending on hair condition from 120~ 200 degrees

flat iron

If the LED light next to the power starts to blink, it means that the set temperature has been reached.

 Hair damage test result:

  • Early stages of hair before the experiment.

flat iron

  • Results of hair damage test when using a flat iron for 1000 times

flat iron

  • Results of hair damage test when using a flat iron for 3000 times

  • The test results have proven that VODANA’s patented soft bar allows for gentle hair styling and minimizes hair damage.
    Even if the number of times is increased, the damage is less than that of a regular flat iron without a soft bar.


Color types of the Soft Bar Flat Iron:

flat iron

Available styles with SoftBar Flat Iron:

  • Straight Hair

flat iron

  • Big wave at the end (C curl wave type)

  • Beach waves (S curl wave type)

flat iron


You can use this Flat Iron anywhere in the world, regardless of voltage.


Notes on purchase:

  1. To help prevent hair damage, it is designed with a small space at the bottom of the heat plate.
    *In the case of the above, it is a good product.
  2. This product is a moving cushion soleplate, and the opening of the soleplate in the image is within the allowable range of our standard.
    *In the event of a return due to this, it is considered a change of mind and a shipping fee will be charged.

flat iron

Additional Information

Weight1.2 kg

Appliances Type

Power Consumption

50 W

Rated Voltage

Free Voltage


Vodana Mint Choco, Vodana Pink Vanilla, Vodana Purple Lavender, Vodana Rusty lemon, Vodana White Gray



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