WITHBEAUTY Aquacare, Home Face Peeling Machine

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WITHBEAUTY Aquacare, Home Face Peeling Machine

Have you always had trouble caring your pores? From now on, you can wash out the sebum and impurities in your pores and replenish moisture and nutrients at once. With Aquacare, you can get special skincare you used to get from skin experts at skin clinics or Spas in the comfort of your home.

AquaCare is the best face peeling machine for home user, which is the first in South Korea to be equipped with the water galvanic function!

Aquacare is a home care solution that is responsible for the beautiful life of busy modern people.

Face Peeling Machine

Main Features

  • Face peeling machine optimized for pore care for home users.
  • Has the same specifications as the machine used by skin experts.
  • Its vacuum suction function removes sebum and impurities cleanly.
  • The active ingredients in the skincare solution are delivered deep into the skin through its water galvanic function.
  • Improve skin blood circulation with vacuum massage function.
  • Can use the 3 types of heads interchangeably according to your needs.
  • Proven effective through clinical trials.
  • Completed skin irritation test.


Empty sebum and waste clean and fill moisture and nutrients enough!

With the synergy of peeling and soothing 

Resolve simultaneously from discharge of sebum and impurities to hydration and nutrition


Peeling Mode: Vacuum suction + Optimized solution

Cleanly removes sebum and impurities in pores that cause skin problems

Face Peeling Machine

With a vacuum pressure of 478mmHg, waste between the skin and sebum from pores is absorbed. Peeling solution of natural ingredients dissolves dead skin cells and residues that cause trouble. Thus, It helps to open the moisture road in the skin.


Soothing Mode: Vacuum pressure + Optimized solution + Water Galvanic Ion

Fill the skin with nutrients via new technology, Water-galvanic!

Its soothing mode intensively moisturizes sensitive skin due to peeling and helps to make smooth skin by penetrating the active ingredients in the solution deep into the skin through the water galvanic function.

Face Peeling Machine

Vacuum Massage through Vacuum suction function

Vacuum massage effect delivered to the skin fascia, Secret care to make young-looking face!

When the head of Aquacare contacts closely with the skin, pressure is formed, and capillaries are stimulated. Through the effect of vacuum massage, delivered to skin fascia, it helps to improve skin circulation.

Face Peeling Machine

Depending on your skin condition, its suction power can be selected from three types: Strong, Medium, and Weak.

Face Peeling Machine

Three Types of Heads

Can use one of three types of interchangeable heads designed in consideration of the size of the skin area and unevenness.

Face Peeling Machine

The head that comes in direct contact with the skin is coated with titanium, so it can be used safely even on sensitive skin.

* The Fine Zone Head is sold separately.


Replenish solution to Aquacare

Do not use the solution in the two containers, which comes with it when you purchase Aquacare, to your skin, use it as a test solution and throw away any remaining solution in the container.

Face Peeling Machine

Same specs as machines used by experts

Get the peeling treatment you used to get from skin experts in the comfort of your home. Optimized product for home aesthetic same performance as a skin clinic’s machines!

Face Peeling Machine

The effect of Aquacare can be checked immediately.

You can immediately check the impurities out removed from your pores when you check the inside of the container after using Aquacare.

Effect of Aquacare proven by clinical trial

Aquacare scientifically proved a distinctive skin improvement effect in 11 items through clinical trials of the Korean Dermatological Institute which is a special agency for clinical trials.

Certificates obtained by Aquacare

Face Peeling Machine

Ingredients of two specialized solutions used with Aquacare

  • Peeling Solution: Nourishing, moisturizing during peeling

  • Soothing Solution:  Pore shrink, whitening, soothing, moisturizing, elasticity, regeneration!

※ These are available for you to purchase separately.


How to use:

  1. Before first use, the product should be fully charged for more than 4 hours.
  2. Open the back cover of the device and open the lid of the peeling, soothing solution and waste container. Then, connect them with a combining site by rotating clockwise (right).
  3. Connect peeling solution to blue combining part, soothing solution to yellow combining site, and waste container to gray combining part.

  • Step 1: Press the power button and select the desired mode.
  • Step 2: Contact the closely handpiece with the hand palm for more than 10 seconds to ensure that the solution is supplied.
  • Step 3: Massage the skin gently by each mode and replace the head to fit the applying part.
    (General head: wide part such as forehead/ cheek/ chin. Fine zone head: curvy part such as around nose)
  • Step 4: After usage duration by each mode is over, the operation shall be automatically stopped with the sound of a beep.
    (Peeling mode: 3 minutes and 30 seconds, soothing mode: 1 minute 40 seconds)
  • Step 5: Remove thoroughly remaining residue on the head and store the product.

How to use by mode

Peeling mode: Waste removal step by vacuum suction +peeling solution

  • Step 1: Press the button to turn on the blue lamp.
  • Step 2: Adjust the suction power button (Strong: Rde/ Medium: Yellow/ Weak: Blue)
  • Step 3: Contact the handpiece lightly with the skin. Massage in accordance with the skin texture.
  • Step 4: Peeling mode will stop automatically after 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

Soothing mode: Skin calming and nutritional penetration stage though Vacuum pressure +Water galvanic +Soothing skin

  • Step 1: Press the soothing button to turn on the orange lamp.
  • Step 2: Adjust the suction power button (Strong: Rde/ Medium: Yellow/ Weak: Blue)
  • Step 3: Contact the handpiece lightly with the skin. Massage in accordance with the skin texture.
  • Step 4: After 1 minute and 40 seconds, the soothing mode is automatically stopped.


Additional Information

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Effects of Using

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Power Consumption

8 W

Rated Voltage


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