DR. JART Pore Remedy Smoothing Primer 30ml

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  • A primer that adheres to your skin and covers bumpy pores with water serum and micro airy capsules.
  • A solution that helps your worry about enlarged pores with the power of PHA.
  • Smooth the skin texture at once using three ingredients that help to prepare dead skin cells, soothe, and care for pores.
  • After using it for four weeks, 98% of test participants had a skin barrier improvement effect.
  • Silicone free primer.
  • Completed skin pores improvement test.
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DR. JART Pore Remedy Smoothing Primer 30ml


The best pore primer for you, are you always stressed out about the pores and bumps on your skin? Try to cover them with Pore Remedy Smoothing Primer from now on!

It is a smoothing primer that does not clog pores and provides light and comfortable coverage to the skin.

best pore primer


Main Features

  • A close-fitting cover smoothing primer that fills pores and bumps with water serum and micro airy capsules to create flawless skin.
  • After using the primer for four weeks, 98% of test participants had a skin barrier improvement effect.
  • Covers skin lightly and comfortably without causing clogged pores.
  • A silicone-free primer that offers lightweight coverage to perfectly conceal pores and rough skin with comforts. Contains glycoprotein instead of silicone.
  • 92% Water Serum and Mineral Powder help moisturize and refine skin texture for smooth, radiant skin.
  • PHA, Glycoprotein, and Panthenol provide exfoliation, pore care, texture care, and soothing and moisturizing effects while enhancing the skin barrier for healthy skin.
  • Dermatologically tested & Non-Comedogenic tested.

best pore primer


Pigment micro airy capsules

Contains air-like light capsule pigments that cover pores and bumps lightly and tightly.

best pore primer


Tri-retex technology

Tri-retex technology is applied to Pore Remedy Smoothing Primer, which contains three ingredients that help with dead exfoliating, soothing skin, and pore care to smooth your skin texture at once.

best pore primer


  • PHA: 3rd generation hypoallergenic peeling ingredients following AHA and BHA, even for sensitive skin, it is possible to take care of not only pores but also exfoliation and skin texture without worrying about irritation.
  • Glycoprotein: Fills the skin tightly with face oil care together, provides a glossy smooth skin texture!
  • Panthenol: Skin barrier care, soothing moisturizing effects keep and protect your skin safe!


Pore Remedy Smoothing Primer is the best pore primer that not only covers pores but also moisturizes and cares for your skin healthily.


Skin Tests

  • Pore Improvement Test

    • Test Institute: IC Korea
    • Test Type: Human body application test to strengthen barriers and evaluate makeup sustainability/ Data measured after 12 hours of use.
    • Test Period: Feb 23,2021~ Mar 25, 2021
    • Test Subjects: 30 Women aged 25 to 45

*Temporary improvement of visible pores only.

  • A smoothing primer that covers pores as well as moisturizes and takes care of the skin healthily.

    • Skin moisture improvement: 20%
    • Skin barrier improvement: 30%
    • Skin gloss improvement: 6.8%
    • Skin layers improvement: 14%

Check the strengthening effect of your skin barrier after using this primer for 4 weeks!

Comparison of transepidermal water loss(TEWL) between the non-applied area and the area of repeated use for 4 weeks after inducing skin irritation.

  • Skin barrier improvement rate: 98%
    best pore primer
  • Improvement of skin gloss
  • Improvement of skin texture
    best pore primer

Customers satisfaction survey result

Survey after 1 hour from using the product.

Check out the results of evaluating skin brightness after using this for 12 hours!

Comparison of skin brightness between the area where only makeup was applied and the area where makeup and primer were applied together.



Creamy-texture, non sticky clarifies and tightens your pores.

How to use

  1. In the last step of basic care (before applying a sunblock), take an appropriate amount of the smoothing primer.
  2. Spread it evenly on your face before absorbing it.


Recommended for

  • Who suffers from skin pores.
  • Who suffers from dead skin cells.
  • When you want to cover pores but want a light cover.
  • When you want a light cover that does not clog pores
  • When you want to have a moist, shiny, and smooth skin texture



Purified water, butylene glycol, cetearyl ethylhexanoate, 1,2-hexanediol, talc, panthenol, titanium dioxide, hydrogenated vegetable oil, Behenyl alcohol, setaryl alcohol, stearic acid, carbomer, allantoin, trometamine, xanthan gum, ethylhexylglycerine, aluminum stearate, Aluminum myristate, adenosine, aluminum hydroxide, pantolactone, gluconolactone, spearmint leaf oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, peppermint oil, Glicoprotein, pentylene glycol, magnesium aspartate, jinkgluco, Nate, Coppergluconate, Dysodium dithia, Chromium oxide green, Blue No. 1

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